deerna. 27. they/them

transformative works and original fiction
short stories, oneshots and drabbles
character studies and erotica


I take writing commissions for trasformative works and original fiction. You can read samples of my work on archiveofourown and dreamwidth. Check my fandom list and my hard limits.

Send your request at [email protected].

Everything I write is uploaded to my dw portfolio for archiviation purposes, but if you want to keep it private I can lock the entry so that it'll be visible only to me.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. Do not sell my work. Do not repost or redistribute without my permission. Do not claim as your own. Do not commission NSFW if you're not 18+ years old. The original IP from which transformative works are created belong to their rightful owners; no copyright infringiment is intended on my part.

All payments must be done through PayPal. € only.

up to 1.000 words15€ (fixed)
1.001-5.000 words~75€ (0.015€/word)
5.001-10.000 words~160€ (0.016€/word)

Last changed: 01 november 2020
If you want to commission me more than 10k words, send me an email and we can talk about it!
If you notice I'm charging you €1-2 extra: it's because of the PayPal fees.

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fandom list

★ = current fandom | ☆ = strong fandom
If you don't see your fandom, feel free to ask; it might just be that I haven't written anything for it yet.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Good Omens
Hannibal NBC
☆ Inception
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Kings NBC
☆ Overwatch
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
The Arcana
★ The Witcher
Voltron Legendary Defenders
Yuri On Ice

Hard limits

I don't believe in censorship, but I have a comfort zone when it comes to commissions. This section is meant to try and let you know if I'm the right person for the thing you want to be written!


  • Kinky stuff in general

  • Queer headcanons

  • Polyamorous/moresomes

  • Age gaps

  • Incest

  • Underage (older teens)

  • Canon/OC pairings

  • ...and much more!!


  • Dub-con; turning into enthusiastic consent at some point

  • Centaurs, fauns, merfolk, nagas, etc. and people with partial animal features; no furry/anthro

  • Daddy/mommy kink; no age play

  • Porn without plot: I like giving a context to things so it might get a bit longer than expected...

  • Wetting/minimal watersports

  • Robot/omnics performing sexual acts on humans (fingering, frottage, etc.)

  • Omegaverse, rut/heat and breeding; no focus on eventual pregnancy/mpreg


  • Self-inserts or reader-inserts

  • Character death

  • Hanahaki disease

  • Love triangles

  • Genital torture (CBT, ballbusting, castration, etc.)

  • Extreme size difference (micro/macro)

  • Non-standard penetration (wound fucking, skull fucking, living insertions, etc.)

  • Extreme underage (loli/shota)

  • Valve/piston, robodicks/robovaginas

  • Scat, vore and and other filth related kinks

  • necrophilia and zoophilia

If you're not sure, send me an email! We'll talk about it!